With a millimeter precision, the 3D laser scanning method allows detailed assessment of archaeological sites or monuments regardless of their conservation status. Data taken from the field and gone through the 3D filter helps virtual reconstruction of the laser-scanned archeological object. Also, the 3D documentation of an archaeological site or monument allows the creation of a 3D virtual museum available online, reproduced at high precision and quality.

It is good to know that the data collected by 3D  laser scanning  of an archaeological site is of millimetric accuracy and helps digitize the site and thus, digitize the patrimony. Consequently, any work of art or artefact can be digitized for restoration, preservation, and to in order to be presented in a virtual museum. Later on, digitized objects can be printed 3D for different studies or presentations.

Where can I use the 3D  laser scanning  method in archeology?

  • archeological site;
  • work of art;
  • artefact or art background;
  • historical monuments;
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What are the advantages of using 3D archeology scanning technology?

  • Quickly and completely acquire information about objects or about the archaeological site;
  • Only one visit to the archaeological site is sufficient, data being captured all at once;
  • You get accurate data with a precision of ± 2mm about the archaeological site or object you are studying;
  • Easily perform a detailed analysis of the inaccessible areas of the archaeological site by non-invasive methods due to the 3D archeology scanning technique;
  • You can reproduce exactly the scanned objects or surfaces;
  • You have the ability to 3D print the object or the scanned 3D laser surface of archaeological site;
  • Quickly and easily create 3D presentations and videos of the objects and of the site thanks to 3D archeology scanning data;
  • You can create a 3D virtual museum using the reconstruction of objects and archaeological site thanks to the exact data obtained in 3D laser scanning ;
  • Easily manage archaeological data in a geographic context through GIS applications;
  • You can take 360 ​​° archaeological photos from the 3D archeology scanning process;
  • Easily obtain digital orthophoto plans of the objects or of the archaeological site using the 3D archeology scanning method;

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