In the industrial field (petrochemical industry, nuclear industry, mining industry, installations), 3D  laser scanning  is the ideal solution, being given the complexity of the installations and the degree of accuracy required.

The performance of the 3D  laser scanning  method in the industrial field is reflected by the complete character and the quality of the services provided by the new advanced technology.

Another advantage of the 3D  laser scanning  method is the fact that the pipe recognition process is semiautomatic or automatic, which leads to the elimination of the mistakes of interpretation and enables an elaborate analysis of the elements in the installations.

Where can one use the new 3D  laser scanning  technology in the industry?

  • Oil refineries (oil & gas);
  • Offshore oil platforms;
  • Industrial and processing factories;
  • Central heating;
  • Nuclear power plants;
  • Auto industry;
  • Water treatment plants;
  • Any field that uses sight installations;
scanare 3D cladiri

Why use the 3D  laser scanning  method for industrial and petrochemical installations?

  • Easily observe all plant components (pipes, boilers, platforms, tubes, steel beams) with 3D documentation available in any CAD format;
    • You can accurately identify plant components by recognizing pipes in semiautomatic or automatic mode using 3D laser scanning  method;
  • Errors of interpretation are eliminated due to millimeter precision by 3D installations scanning;
    • Contributes to the improvement of the technological system;
    • Production blockages are avoided due to the clear evidence of schemes for existing installations;
    • Quickly access all information related to the 3D laser scanning  installation project;
    • Analyze in detail any area without affecting the surface of the project;
  • Easily process any 2D plan and solid 3D model, due to their compatibility with any CAD software;
    • You save time without having to go multiple times on the field, the data being taken up with a millimeter accuracy even from the first site visit by scanning 3D installations;
  • You have the ability to print 3D any installation project;
    • Make any volume calculations easily due to accumulated data;
    • You have the ability to create 3D presentations and 3D videos about the project;
    • Reduce execution time for plans by 3D laser scanning method;
    • You have the best time/price ratio in delivering high-quality industrial and petrochemical works;

Portofoliu Scanare Laser 3D - ArenaCAD

Indiferent ca este vorba despre un proiect de scanare 3D al unei rafinarii de petrol, statie de epurare sau un proiect pentru determinare exacta a instalatiilor existente,  ArenaCAD iti ofera servicii de scanare laser 3D la cel mai bun raport calitate/ pret de pe piata. De asemenea, pe tot parcursul proiectului beneficiezi de consultanta de specialitate oferita de profesionisti in scanare 3D ArenaCAD.

Daca-ti doresti sa cunosti mai multe detalii despre scanare 3D in domeniul industrial sau iti doresti o colaborare, lasa-ne oricand solicitarea ta intr-un e-mail si noi, echipa ArenaCAD, vom fi incantati sa iti raspundem.