The 3D  laser scanning  method in insurance contributes to the accuracy of the assessment of an insured building. Thus, both the insurance company, the insurer and the insured, can accurately assess the damages caused in case of a calamity.

At the same time, due to the absence of previous plans or those that are no longer up to date, the insurer can not fully define the damages. However, the 3D insurance scanning technique, done before and after damage, helps evaluate the property, its topographic inventory, determine the affected areas, and other calculations required by the insurer.

Where can one use the new 3D insurance technology?

The 3D insurance method can be applied in many areas, such as:

  • HoReCa Domain – hotels, restaurants, cafes, hostels;
  • Commercial Domain – Malls, Showrooms, Stores;
  • Office buildings;
  • Public institutions;
  • Apartment buildings;
  • Industrial domain;
scanare 3D cladiri

How does 3D insurance scanning method help you in your project?

  • Allows quick topographic inventory of the building;
  • It is possible to determine precisely the affected areas with the aid of millimetric precision of 3D insurance scanning;
  • Quickly access all information about the 3D scanned project from insurances;
  • You can rebuild the area of ​​interest with the smallest detail, even if that area has been affected;
  • You can make real property evaluation by 3D pre / postage damage laser scanning;
  • Analyze in detail any area without affecting the surface of the project;
  • Easily process any 2D plan and solid 3D model, due to their compatibility with any CAD software;
  • Save time using the 3D insurance scanning method, without having to go multiple times on the field, data being taken up to a millimeter accuracy from the very first site visit;

It is good to know that the precise results of the damage can only be achieved if the assured property has been scanned 3D before the impact.

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