Did you know that the 3D  laser scanning  method can also be used in the analysis and construction of national roads, motorways, bridges and railways? With the help of 3D  laser scanning  technology, field specialists, from constructors to design engineers, get in a short time all the information needed for the design, maintenance and rehabilitation of national roads and highways, bridges or railways.

In addition, the millimeter precision of the 3D  laser scanning  method of the roads, bridges, passages or viaducts provides the opportunity to observe all defects that occur during operation and can also identify imminent dangers very quickly.

In addition to topographic observations, 3D  laser scanning  technology for railway tracking provides information about objects in the vicinity such as bridges, tunnels (tunnel walls analysis, their integrity and their behavior over time), buildings and poles (for overload gauging studies), platforms and warehousing facilities.

Where can the 3D  laser scanning  method be used in road and rail infrastructure works?

The 3D track and rail scanning technique can be used both to obtain construction and maintenance information for:

  • National Roads
    • Highways
    • Expressways
    • Railroad
    • Bridges / Passages / Floors
    • Viaducts
    • Tunnels
scanare 3D cladiri

Why use 3D  laser scanning  for roads, bridges and rail tracking technology?

  • Get all the data necessary for the design and construction of roads, bridges or railways quickly and completely;
  • You can create profiles with transversal and longitudinal sections at the density chosen by the operator due to scanned data;
  • You can create exact 3D surface,s compatible with design programs
  • You save time without having to go multiple times on the field, the data being taken over with a millimeter accuracy even from the first site visit;
  • You can quickly and efficiently evaluate the progress of your work due to 3D laser scanning  method;
  • You can get a detailed analysis of inaccessible areas for viaducts, bridges using non-invasive methods using 3D laser scanning  method;
  • Easily process any 2D plan and solid 3D model, due to their compatibility with any CAD software;
  • You can get accurate and detailed plans as-built;

It is possible to analyze the details in the proximity of the scanned object;

Portofolio 3D scanning

Whether it’s a 3D national road, highway, bridge or rail scanning project, ArenaCAD offers you 3D laser scanning services at the best quality / price ratio on the market using high-performance equipment in the 3D scanning process. Also, throughout the project, you benefit from specialized consultancy provided by 3D ArenaCAD scanning professionals.If you want to know more about 3D scanning in road or rail infrastructure or want collaboration, leave us your request anytime in an email and we, the ArenaCAD team, will be delighted to answer to you.