Feature Extraction for Stroup Intersections Using LiDAR Technology

Feature Extraction for Stroup Intersections Using LiDAR Technology

We are excited to share the success of our project focused on analyzing and rehabilitating the existing conditions at the Stroup Intersections in North Carolina. Leveraging cutting-edge LiDAR technology and advanced software tools like TopoDOT and Civil 3D, we were able to accomplish remarkable results within a short timeframe. Join us as we take a closer look at this project and the impact it has had on improving safety and traffic flow.

Analyzing Existing Conditions with LiDAR Technology
By deploying laser scanning, data capture allowed for precise measurements of the road surfaces, obstacles, and surrounding features at the Stroup Intersections. This data served as the foundation for our detailed analysis and rehabilitation plans.

Corridor Extraction with TopoDOT & Generating Topo Plans
To extract features and information across the width of the corridor, we employed TopoDOT, a powerful software tool specifically designed for processing LiDAR data. By leveraging its advanced capabilities, we were able to extract corridor features with exceptional accuracy, even with varying corridor widths of up to 150 feet. This provided us with a detailed understanding of the existing conditions, enabling our client to identify areas in need of rehabilitation.
Using Civil 3D, a leading software solution for civil engineering and infrastructure design, we generated contour lines that covered a significant length of 9,700 feet at the Intersections. These contour lines, based on the LiDAR data, provided a comprehensive visualization of the terrain and helped us develop highly accurate topographic plans. These plans played a crucial role in the subsequent rehabilitation efforts.

With the completion of this project, we are proud to have contributed to the improved safety and traffic flow at the Stroup Intersections. The accurate topo plans and detailed analysis facilitated effective decision-making regarding rehabilitation strategies.
Our Stroup Intersections project from last year exemplifies the power of LiDAR technology and advanced software tools. We successfully completed the project within a remarkably short timeframe, generating highly accurate topo plans, meeting the client`s needs.

  • On June 15, 2023