3D modelling

3D modeling is the mathematical representation of any three-dimensional object using CAD-specific programs. The created product is called 3D Model. This 3D model can be of two kinds: solid – which is the volume of the object created in the full form (like a regular shape stone) and the second kind of 3D model is in the form of shells / boundaries – they are represented by constant surfaces to certain edges of the object that define its shape.

BIM – building information modeling

BIM – building information modeling – takes the 3D modeling process to the level where each 3D model can be researched and you can see that it contains some construction and functionality information that the user can use to better exploit the 3D object. Mainly, BIM represents the 3D model linked to a complex and easy-to-use database that can expand to 4D – representing the time side and 5D cost side.

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