Do you have a point cloud or will be doing 3D laser scanning for buildings ? We are here to help you to obtain a high-quality 3D BIM Model. Why are we using REVIT?

Revit is the best known software in the world for SCAN TO BIM. It offers us a platform where we can benefit the most from new tools and standards and the exports are compatible with other BIM softwares so we can deliver in the format you and your clients need.

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Why do you want to make a 3D scan with us?

    The Benefits of subcontracting ArenaCAD for SCAN TO BIM projects

    You save TIME to Expand Your Business

    • We work when you work. Our timeline is your timeline.
    • Expand your business. Focus on what you do best as a surveyor and on growing your business.
    • Our process is fully transparent. We maintain regular communication so you always know where your project is and we strive to make our pricing predictable so you can confidently estimate our portion when bidding on new jobs.

    You save MONEY and Reduce  RISK

    • Save on labor costs. Save on both the search and management expenses to find specialists in processing 3D scanning point clouds.  We have all the people you need, whenever you need.

    • Reduce your risk and costs. You pay as we deliver. Since we work when you work, there’s no overhead labor expenses unless there are jobs.

    • Save on software costs and training. There’s no need to buy and constantly train on new expensive software. We have all the software and expertise you need. We maintain relationships with several custom software companies directly.

    Improve your QUALITY an RELIABILITY

    • High Quality Team. Our processing team includes 7 people in TopoDOT, 4 people in Revit and 5 people in AutoCAD.

    • Experienced Company. ArenaCAD has been both surveying and processing data since 2012 in Europe where we work in countries from Ireland and the UK all the way to Romania. Our American office specializes in processing on point clouds.  Established in 2018, we’ve grown an American and Canadian customer base that is truly North American.

    You scan, we do the rest at ArenaCAD!

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    3D BIM Model

    We use Revit to create an accurate and fuctional 3D BIM Model

    scan to BIM As built Scan to CAD

    LOD and LOI

    When you start a project this 2 things are very important



    Check the main benefits of using SCAN TO BIM


    3D BIM Model

    BIM is – Building Information Modelling – is a database of information based on a 3D CAD model, were every element (columns, walls, doors, windows, pipes etc. ) are more than solid objects, they have multiple parametric information and offers architects, engineers and construction professionals the place and the tools to plan, design, construct and manage the buildings more efficiently!

      LOD and LOI

      LOD – Level of Detail it tell us how the geometry of the elements in the 3D Model will look like, and the amount of information that is provided to meet the needs of future development. When doing SCAN TO BIM you usually scan the finished part of the building so is very important to acknowledge what is possible to draw.

      LOI – Level of Information – it tell us the level of information that is linked to the object ( family ) and it plays a crucial role in the development of the project. Usually in SCAN TO BIM is hard to determine this because do don’t have access to the structure of the building or some elements are hidden.

      scan to BIM As built Scan to CAD

        Why SCAN TO BIM:

        • provides a easy platform for all specialist to collaborate
        • you have a clean and accurate 3D Model
        • you have information about every element in the 3D Model
        • well known standards so you know what you will receive
        • you can generate automatically 2D plans
        • you can obtain list of quantities automatically
        • inter-connected models for structure, architecture and MEP
        • you can do clash detection
        • you can compare the actual scan to the BIM model and see the differences