proiectare cladire prin scanare 3D
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Always keen to keep up with everything new and to share our experience with 3D  laser scanning , on May 19th, we participated in the most important event dedicated to 3D  laser scanning  in Romania, the BIM ReadyTM European Tour 2017.

Curious to learn news from the world of 3D  laser scanning ? Andrei, our colleague, spoke at the event about the entire interactive journey to get the building information model. From scanning a building, getting a cloud of points, processing 2D plans, and 3D modeling to create its informational model, BIM.

 You can fiind his presentation – From 3D scan to BIM BIM –  right here.



Play the ArenaCAD’s latest “From 3D Scan to BIM” slideshow to discover the most useful and practical information about 3D  laser scanning , 3D modeling, and of course the building information model. Information is presented in the most interactive manner and within the reach of any specialist in the field.


About the Conference

Dedicated to professionals in the field of architecture and design, the conference organized on May 19, BIM ReadyTM European Tour 2017, Bucharest is one of the most important events in the field. It brought together the best specialists in the field who shared their professional experience.

The topic of the conference was BIM, the new building ID card, where a series of good advice and information on the new BIM concept, building information model, was presented.