scanare laser 3D in arhitectura

3D Laser Scanning in Architecture

From new buildings to old buildings with detailed architecture, the 3D scanning method provides accurate and very useful information to anyone in the field of architecture. With scanned data in 3D, it is possible to perform very easy and low-cost interventions on the building. Very easy to detect the various problems of the structure or facade that occurred over time.

scanare laser 3D pentru monumente

3D Laser Scan for Historical Monuments

Whether it is national and world heritage, whether cultural or natural, the 3D laser scanning method is the most important step in digitizing heritage, providing accurate information about the buildings or historical objects studied. Thus, the digital copy obtained from the 3D scan contributes to the preservation, protection and promotion of historical monuments.

scanare laser 3D pentru instalatii de gaze si petrol

3D Laser Scanning in Plumbing and Petrochemistry

3D laser scanning for installations and petrochemistry helps to automatically detect and recognize all elements of the installation automatically and semi-automatically. This eliminates interpretation mistakes and provides safety and punctuality when performing maintenance or repair work.

scanare laser 3D in asigurari

3D Laser Scanning in Insurance

Used in the field of insurance, 3D laser scanning contributes to accurately tracking building deformations, assessing property in case of damage and topographic inventory of a building. Also, the 3D scanning method allows the insurer to determine the affected areas and accurately calculate the damage.

scanare laser 3D in infrastructura rutiera si feroviara

3D Laser Scanning in Road and Rail Infrastructure

The 3D laser scanning method applied in the road and railway infrastructure provides useful details and analyzes both for the arrangement, maintenance and rehabilitation of the network of roads, bridges and railway, as well as for the detailed observation of the evolution of the construction works.

scanare laser 3D in arheologie

3D Laser Scanning in Archeology

With millimeter precision, 3D laser scanning in archeology contributes to the detailed assessment and reproduction of archaeological sites, regardless of their conservation status. Additionally, any work of art, cult, or artifact can be digitized for restoration, preservation, and to be featured in a virtual museum.

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The new technology in topography, 3D laser scanning, comes to help any engineer, architect and specialist in the field, offering the ability to access accurate data about any 3D laser scanning at any time without a visit on site.


How to make a 3D scan of a building

From architecture, historical monuments and archeology to installations, infrastructure and insurances, the laser scanning method, with a millimeter precision, allows the creation of a faithful digital copy of any construction.

The 3D  laser scanning  process involves, in the first phase, taking field data with the professional 3D scanner. The result of scanning a surface is rendered by a “dot cloud” – a dense network of points that can be seen as a depth information picture where pixels are defined as 3D coordinate points (X, Y, Z) in their natural color.

Later on, the digital copy made as a result of the 3D laser scanning  process can easily be used and processed by architects, design engineers, and other specialists.


How does the 3D  laser scanning  method help you in your projects?

  • You quickly access all the information about the 3D-scanned project – 2D mapping, 3D model, plans and sections;
  • You save time without having to go several times on the field, data being taken with a millimeter accuracy even from the first field visit;
  • Easily process any 2D plan and solid 3D model, due to their compatibility with any CAD software;
  • Analyze in detail any area without affecting the surface of the scanned object;
  • By 3D laser scanning , data can be taken from a wide range of action up to 330 m, even under extreme or full dark conditions;
  • Make an efficient and accurate calculation of volumes;
  • Receive accurate and detailed as-built plans;
  • Create 3D presentations and videos of any project, ideal to promote the project and print 3D laser scanned projects;
  • You benefit from the best time/cost ratio due to the efficiency of 3D data, and it also reduces the delivery time of architectural materials required for design.


Whether it is a 3D laser scanning of a new or old building, road construction or a historic monument, the ArenaCAD team of topographers and 3D scanners ensures the correct and efficient design of any project by 3D laser scanning.

Also, thanks to the professional equipment used by ArenaCAD, you will receive precise high-resolution information that can be used in other applications. In addition, you have the opportunity to receive expert advice throughout the project. For any information or details about 3D  laser scanning , 2D, 3D model, leave us your request at at any time and we will be delighted to help you.