Whether it is a new or old, industrial or civilian building, the 3D  laser scanning  method is the easiest and safest way to get accurate construction data and get quick results at the best price / quality ratio.

The data obtained in the 3D  laser scanning  process allows detailed analysis of a building, from façades, walls to floors, regardless of the complexity of the architecture or the inaccessibility of the space.

Scanned information in 3D is accurate and useful, being a real help for any specialist in the field: from architect, designer to engineer and builder. With scanned data in 3D, it is possible to perform very easy and low-cost interventions on the building and quickly detect the various problems of the structure or façade that occurred over time.

At the same time, data obtained from the 3D  laser scanning  of the building can be accessed at any time, without the need for another visit and other analysis of the building, and can help with the building digitization project.

Where do the 3D Buildings Scan Method apply?

  • new buildings
  • old buildings
  • civil buildings
  • industrial buildings
scanare laser 3d cladiri

Here is what deliverable products can be obtained from 3D  laser scanning :

  • Classical mapping:
    • Level Plan
    • Sections
    • Panes
    • Framing plan
    • Covering Plan
  • Overcast cloud facade (digital ortho-digital image)
  • Horizontal / vertical sections on the facade
  • 3D floor area
  • 3D / Mesh model

Why use the 3D building scanning method in analyzing new and old buildings?

  • Monitor, analyze and evaluate degradations, inclinations, deformations and verticality of the facade and of the structure using the data obtained from the 3D building scanning process;
  • You study quickly and easily the degree of degradation of a facade irrespective of the accessibility of the surface to be analyzed in the building digitization project using 3D laser scanning buildings;
  • Verify easily and accurately the verticality and the deformation of a floor with data from 3D surface scanning and building digitization;
  • You have the ability to create a building digitization project thanks to accurate data acquisition by 3D building scanning.
  • Quickly access all information about the 3D-scanned 3D-3D project, 3D model, plans and sections for building digitization project;
  • You save time without having to go multiple times on the field, the data being taken with a millimeter accuracy even from the first field visit;
  • Easily process any 2D plan and solid 3D model, due to their compatibility with any CAD software;
  • Analyze in detail any area without affecting the surface of the scanned object;
  • By 3D laser scanning , data can be taken from a long range of action up to 330 m, even under extreme or full dark conditions;
  • Analyze accurately and accurately all surface / construction elements with 3D mesh and 3D surfaces in the building digitization project;
  • You can easily realize the real evaluation on the development of construction works by successive 3D laser scanning;
  • Quickly create profiles with transverse and longitudinal sections at the operator-selected density as a result of the 3D laser scanning  method;
  • Make accurate comparisons between buildings, before and after rehabilitation, due to the data obtained from 3D laser scanning ;
  • Get accurate and detailed as-built plans;
  • You benefit from the best time/cost ratio due to the efficiency of 3D data, but also by reducing the delivery time of the architectural materials required for design in the building digitization project.

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