You represent a company who has a point cloud or is doing 3D laser scanning for buildings ?
Great! We can help you to obtain the 3D BIM Model at great quality and reasonable prices.

Why are we using TOPODOT?

Are you laser scanning, mobile laser scanning or using UAV imaging systems to produce point clouds and image data? We are here to help you with guidance and processing on the point cloud for great final deliverables to your clients! We are a proud user of TopoDOT although we are happy to work with a range of software, as your needs demand. TopoDOT® helps us to offer a highly productive process to manage data, assess quality and extract CAD and GIS products exceeding your customers requirements and expectations.

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Why do you want to make a 3D scan with us?

    The Benefits of subcontracting ArenaCAD for mobile mapping extraction and point cloud processing

    You save TIME to Expand Your Business

    • Expand your business. Focus on what you do best as a surveyor and on growing your business.
    • We work when you work. Our timeline is your timeline.

    • Our process is fully transparent.We maintain regular communication so you always know where your project is and we strive to make our pricing predictable so you can confidently estimate our portion when bidding on new jobs.

    You save MONEY and Reduce RISK

    • Save on labor costs. Save on both the search and management expenses to find specialists in processing 3D scanning point clouds.  We have all the people you need, whenever you need.
    • Reduce your risk and costs.You pay as we deliver. Since we work when you work, there’s no overhead labor expenses unless there are jobs.
    • Save on software costs and training.There’s no need to buy and constantly train on new expensive software. We have all the software and expertise you need. We maintain relationships with several custom software companies directly.

    Improve your QUALITY and RELIABILITY

    • High Quality Team. Our processing team includes 7 people in TopoDOT, 4 people in Revit and 5 people in AutoCAD.

    • Work with the Team that Trains Other Teams. Our world-class processing team was TopoDOT’s own customer service team for Europe, training their clients for years, while also working on TopoDOT projects for our own clients in the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, Ireland, and the EU.

    • Experienced Company.  ArenaCAD has been both surveying and processing data since 2012 in Europe.  Our American office specializes in processing on point clouds.  Established in 2018, we’ve grown an American and Canadian customer base that is truly North American.

    You scan, we do the rest at ArenaCAD!

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    We offer a range of services for mobile mapping and point cloud processing using TopoDOT to create great projects at high quality.

    We manage your Point Cloud Data

    We organise, store and share your data for free in a safe environment, using Topo Cloud and Amazon Cloud. You have easy access at every hour from any place on earth.


    We assess your Point Cloud Data

    We check the data to see if it meets your project objectives and quality and identify any problems or mistakes and give you a report if needed.


    We extract from your Point Cloud Data

    Using TopoDOT® we extract topography drawings, 3D models, assets and other details in your point cloud. We also analyze and document the data and file issue reports if needed.


    We manage your data

    We organize the mobile mapping data – with TopoDOT® the large point clouds will be divided in a geospatial tiles system. This allows you to focus on a specific part of the data and to access it really easy. This system helps in managing the entire project workflow.

    We store the mobile mapping data – such as point clouds, images and any other documents and CAD files in a cost-free and safe environment, on Amazon Cloud with access from any part of the world at any time.

    Easy access – with Topo Cloud viewer from ToppDOT® you can easily have access to the organized data, with a user and a password you are at one click away from anything in the project.

      We assess

      We check the alignment of the images, the differences between the registered point cloud and the pixels from the pictures. A correct picture alignment increases extraction productivity by more than 30%.

      We check the relative point cloud alignment, point cloud gaps or shadows, and the differences between the point cloud and the control points. Because the quality of the point cloud dictates the quality of the final product it’s important to see if the data is in the desired tolerance.

        We Extract with TopoDOT®

        • break line and complex break line
        • road surfaces
        • paint stripes
        • curves
        • sidewalks
        • vertical assets (trees, poles, power poles, signs, manholes and many more)
        • guardrail
        • ground surface (ground mesh)
        • railroads
        • building footprints
        • longitudinal and transverse road profiles
        • survey point extraction
        • 3D bridge model;
        • 3D building model;
        • 3D beam extraction;
        • 3D pipes extraction.
        • road and sidewalk conditions;
        • collisions with the point cloud;
        • horizontal or vertical clearances;
        • wall monitoring by its verticality or horizontality;
        • corridor encroachment;
        • horizontal or vertical clearances;
        • guardrail hight;
        • vehicle simulation