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    We offer a range of services for mobile mapping and point cloud processing using TopoDOT.

    Scan to BIM

    We offer a range of services for point cloud data using REVIT.

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    Partners & Clients

    Why ArenaCAD?

    Working with ArenaCAD you get an experienced partner to handle all your point cloud processing needs.  When you do the scanning and let us do the rest, you save time to focus on what you do best in surveying and growing your business.  Having our high quality and experienced team at your disposal saves you money and reduces risk.

    Our team is reliable, professional and always available to you when you need us.  Our European team handles your processing and is experienced both in surveying and processing.  Our expertise is your expertise. We provide free guidance and consulting on 3D laser scanning and 3D modelling for our clients because your success is our success.

    We work globally with partners in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Ireland, Romania, the UK, and the USA with offices in Brasov, Romania, and Hartford, Connecticut, USA. read more > 

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    Here’s what our clients had to say about our services:

    “ArenaCAD has been a great partner for us. Andrei and his team are high quality professionals whom
    we can call on any time. They know the business which means we can consult with them on any aspect
    of a project. Their expertise in Revit and AutoCAD has allowed us the confidence to know we can always
    meet our customers’ needs in a timely, quality and highly flexible way.”.

    Michael Robison, MYND Workshop

    “ArenaCAD has been a reliable, knowledgeable and great partner all around. They make working with
    them super simple and predictable so I can bid projects with confidence in everything from pricing to
    turnaround and of course quality. Andrei is available any time and has helped consult on new projects
    and even new equipment. Working with ArenaCAD has allowed me to take on more projects and begin
    to expand into the growing laser scanning business.”

    Clay Beckwith, Precise Land Services

    “Working with ArenaCAD in recent years has allowed me and my team to focus on growing our business
    and flying more jobs, which is where we want to spend our time. Andrei and his team are great to work
    with. They are professional, accessible, do quality work and have fast turnaround.”

    Lonnie Sears, eGPS Solutions

    “ArenaCAD has been a great partner on the extraction and modelling side of my business. They are
    professional, reliable, and do quality work. Knowing I have them as external support and knowing they

    are really experts in their field has even allowed me to go after some jobs I might not have bid on
    otherwise. Overall working with ArenaCAD allows me to expand my business by focusing on what I do
    best which is hydrographic and land surveying along with helping my customers with their equipment


    Michael Higgs, Higgs Hydrographic Tek

    “Over our 35-year history, we’ve served cities and counties from Key West, Florida to Mercer Island,
    Washington. Having a partner like ArenaCAD that can work with us anywhere, anytime has been truly
    valuable. Andrei and his team have proven themselves to be reliable and produce high quality work
    with great turnaround time. They have been friendly and professional to work with, making them a
    good fit for our business and great partner overall for IMS.”

    Derek Turner, IMS Infrastructure

    3D projects come to life!

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    100 Retreat Avenue, Hartford, CT, 06106, Room 301

    +1 860 341 8702

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    100 Retreat Avenue, Hartford, CT, 06106, Room 301

    +1 860 341 8702

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