Romanian Commercial Bank (BCR) Headquarters (Bucharest, Romania)

Romanian Commercial Bank (BCR) Headquarters (Bucharest, Romania)

Project type: Rehabilitation Deliverables: 3D Laser Scanning, 3D Model in Revit, 2D drawings with the architecture and the topographic plan with contour lines representation Solutions: Most rooms had both wall and ceiling decorations requiring detailed point cloud data. Data collected using 3D laser scanning ( 2 Faro Focus S70 and BLK 2GO) No. of hours: […]

Former O`More College of Design campus (Franklin, Tennessee, United States)

Project type: Design & Construction Development – major landscape development with fountains, water features, trees, seating areas etc.; Development of site adding new structures for events, gateway, storage. Rehabilitation of the Abbey Leix mansion; Relocation of a Rosenwald school building to the site Deliverables: 3D Revit model Solutions:Our solution was to extract the above ground […]

Schools in Mississippi, United States

Project type: Inventory and Renovation Deliverables: As-built 3D modeling conditions for 12 schools, each school with 2 or more buildings Solutions: 3D modeling for wall thicknesses, windows, doors, plumbing fixtures, while maintaining modeling standards among multiple modelers for all buildings within the school premises. No. of hours: 50 hours/school Surface: 153,693 sf Results: As-built 3D […]