A Journey of Restoration: How ArenaCAD Modernized Deva’s Franciscan Monastery with CAD Drawings

A Journey of Restoration: How ArenaCAD Modernized Deva’s Franciscan Monastery with CAD Drawings

We are thrilled to share one of our most rewarding projects—the rehabilitation of the Franciscan Monastery in Deva, Romania. This historic structure required meticulous planning and execution, and we were tasked with providing detailed CAD drawings for various parts of the monastery and church. Here’s a look at how we approached this complex project.

Our team was responsible for creating CAD drawings for:

  • The ground floor
  • The 1st floor
  • The attic
  • The building envelope
  • The church tower at four different levels
  • Elevations for the main church
  • Interior walls of the courtyard

To ensure speed and efficiency, we utilized two Faro laser scanners to capture the intricate details of the entire church and a portion of the monastery. If we had used only one laser scanner, the process would have taken twice as long.

Time Allocation

Data Collection: Approximately 8 hours in the field
Data Processing: Around 4 hours
Final Drawings Delivery: Approximately 80 hours

The CAD drawings we provided offered several benefits. Firstly, our client gained a comprehensive understanding of the exact structure of the buildings. Secondly, the drawings detailed the real area and destination of every room. And last, the level of accuracy in the drawings is invaluable for architecture firms planning the rehabilitation.

We are delighted to have contributed to the rehabilitation of this historic site. The precision and detail in our deliverables will play a crucial role in restoring the Franciscan Monastery to its original glory.

The Franciscan Monastery project showcases the importance of leveraging advanced technology like Faro laser scanners and CAD software in heritage preservation and rehabilitation. We’re excited to see the final outcome and are proud to have been a part of this great project.


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  • On October 16, 2023