Bringing History to Life: 3D Modeling the Exterior of a Cathedral in Stamford

Bringing History to Life: 3D Modeling the Exterior of a Cathedral in Stamford

At ArenaCAD, we’re driven by the challenge of using the latest technology to preserve and celebrate historical landmarks. Our recent project, meticulously replicating the exterior of a cathedral in Stamford, Connecticut, is the perfect example for showing this dedication.

Our Client’s Expectations

We were approached by a prominent architectural firm from New York who entrusted us with the task of creating a highly detailed 3D model of the cathedral’s exterior in Revit. Their vision was clear: to capture the intricate details and grandeur of the building envelope with an uncompromising level of accuracy. Having worked with them on previous projects, we understood their expectations and were eager to collaborate once again.

The Point Cloud Modeling Process

The project kicked off with an important advantage – a colorized point cloud provided by the client. This 3D data, generated through laser scanning, offered an incredibly precise representation of the real-world structure. Its intricate details, from weathered stone textures to delicate ornamental features, were meticulously captured in the point cloud, which was an important foundation for our digital reconstruction.


With the point cloud as our guide, our experienced Revit modelers started recreating the building envelope’s every detail. This involved a multi-step process:


  • Data preparation: The point cloud data was imported into a specialized software where operations of cleaning and reducing noise
    were conducted. This ensured a smooth and accurate base geometry for the modeling process.
  • Modeling individual elements: Each section was modeled in Revit, using a combination of parametric tools and custom families. This phase involved replicating the complex geometries of architectural features, including cornices, moldings, and sculptures.
  • Texturing and material application: To infuse the model with realism, high-resolution textures were carefully applied to the various elements, based on photographs and reference materials provided by the client. This step brought the model to life, capturing the subtle variations in color and texture of the exterior.
  • Quality control and refinement: Throughout the modeling process, rigorous quality control checks were conducted to ensure accuracy and consistency. This involved comparing the model to the point cloud data, reference photographs, and architectural drawings.

How Long did the Point Cloud Modeling take?

The point cloud modeling process demanded dedication and countless hours of focused work. 150 hours to be more exact. The final outcome? A stunningly detailed 3D model of the entire exterior, encompassing an impressive 2,700 square meters. Each architectural element, from its complex gothic profile to the symmetrical placement on the walls, was meticulously recreated, capturing the essence of the cathedral’s historical character.


Client`s Feedback

We were extremely excited about our client’s enthusiastic feedback: “The model is looking really, really good! The level of detail is incredible. Awesome work. ArenaCAD has been a great partner for us. Andrei and his team are high quality professionals whom we can call on any time. They know the business which means we can consult with them on any aspect of a project. Their expertise in Revit and AutoCAD has allowed us the confidence to know we can always meet our customers’ needs in a timely, quality and highly flexible way.


Beyond the Project: What We Value Most

We are passionate about using our expertise in Revit and AutoCAD to deliver high-quality, timely, and flexible solutions for our clients. We believe in fostering strong collaborative relationships, ensuring clear communication and exceeding expectations at every stage of the project. Whether you’re looking to preserve a historical landmark, bring your architectural vision to life, or explore the potential of 3D modeling for your next project, we`re here to help.


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  • On February 27, 2024